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Opening times

The Monumental Core of Park Güell is open every day of the year, in two time-bands:

· Autumn-Winter from 8:30 to 18:00
· Spring-Summer from 8:00 to 21:30

Please consult the timetable section for the exact date of season changes according to the annual calendar.


Individual on-line purchase (in euros)    
General ticket 8,50 € (VAT included)               
Children from 0 to 6 years 0 €                       
Children from 7 to 12 years 6 € (VAT included)                   
Aged over 65 years 6 € (VAT included)                   
Disabled person + accompanying person 6 € (VAT included)
Ticket to MUHBA (Barcelona History Museum) Not available
Gaudir Més 0 €                       

Individual purchase at ticket offices or ATMs (*)
General ticket 8,50 € (VAT included)                   
Children from 0 to 6 years 0 €                        
Children from 7 to 12 years 6 € (VAT included)                   
Aged over 65 years 6 € (VAT included)
Disabled person + accompanying person 6 € (VAT included)
Ticket to MUHBA (Barcelona History Museum) 6.70 € (VAT included)                 
Gaudir Més 0 €                           

(*) If tickets are purchased at the ticket offices or from the ATMs located in the Park itself and at the Lesseps and Vallcarca (L-3) metro stations, ticket availability will be subject to the number of visitors then in the park, up to a maximum of 400 persons every half hour.

How can I buy tickets?

Through this website, both for Individual Purchase (up to 9 persons) and for Organised Groups or Professionals. We recommend purchasing tickets in advance. If you bring your ticket printed out or you show the QR on your smartphone or tablet you can go straight to the chosen access control point (see map). Tickets are assigned for a particular time-band, though you can enter the Monumental Core up to 30 minutes after the assigned start time. For example, if you have a reservation for 9.00 h, you may enter the precinct up to 9.30 h. If you have to collect the ticket at the ticket office, we recommend arriving at the Park long enough in advance to ensure that you do not miss your visiting time.
If you want to purchase the ticket at the ticket offices or from the ATMs at the Park itself, the availability of tickets will be subject to the number of visitors.

Do I have to reserve tickets?

In order to guarantee entry to the Monumental Core, we recommend advance reservation and purchase of tickets. This reservation can be made up to three months ahead of the visit, choosing the date and the time-band, up to a maximum of nine tickets per person for each purchase. If your group has more than ten persons, then you have to register and reserve tickets in the specific “Organised Groups and Professionals” section.

Are visits to the Monumental Core restricted?

Yes. Access to the Monumental Core of Park Güell is limited to 400 persons each half hour. For this reason, we recommend advance purchasing of tickets via this website, thus enabling you to enter the most iconic spaces of the Park within the reserved times.

I purchased my ticket in advance through the website, so do I have to go to the ticket office?

No. In order to avoid queues or unnecessary waiting you can go directly to the access-control point by showing your printed ticket or the QR code on your smartphone or tablet.

I purchased my ticket through the website, but I haven’t received the receipt. What can I do?

Please check first whether it entered as junk mail, or else ring the Visitor Care Service on telephone (+34) 93 4091830 or send us an e-mail to

I haven’t printed out the receipt, so how can I enter Park Güell?

If you have not printed out the (ticket) receipt, you can go to the ticket offices or the ATMs at Park Güell, where you will be given the tickets, subject to a check on your given name and surname(s) and your reservation number (localiser).

Which parts of the Monumental Core of Park Güell can be visited by purchasing a ticket?

With the purchase of a ticket you can visit all parts of Park Güell and of the Monumental Core, including the Museu del Guarda (Guard Museum), the Jardins d’Àustria (Gardens of Austria), the Sala Hipòstila (Hypostyle Room), the Pòrtic de la Bugadera (Wash House Portico) and the Plaça de la Natura (Nature Square). The only place in the Park that you cannot visit with the ticket is the Casa Museu Gaudí (Gaudí House Museum), which is the heritage of the Fundació Junta Constructora del Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família. In order to purchase the specific ticket needed for the Casa Museu Gaudí, please click here:

The ticket states the start time of the visit. How long do I have to enter?

Reservations are held open for half an hour after the reserved time. The Monumental Core of Park Güell has limited capacity for visitors, in order to conserve the space properly, for which reason the assigned time has to be adhered to.

If I arrive at Park Güell without a reservation, will I be able to enter?

If you have not purchased a ticket in advance, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to enter at the desired time, especially during periods when a great many tourists are visiting. However, if there are places available, you may purchase a ticket at the ticket offices and ATMs located outside the Park or from the ATMs at Lesseps and Vallcarca metro stations (L3).

Which parts of Park Güell can be visited free of charge?

The tickets for Park Güell provide access to the Monumental Core, the most vulnerable, heavily visited and fragile part. But the Park does have other freely accessible zones, as shown on this map.

Why is access to the Monumental Core of Park Güell regulated?

From October 2013, Barcelona City Council has got under way a plan for regulation of the Monumental Core of Park Güell, with the priority objective of preserving this iconic space of our city and keeping it in the best possible state of conservation. For years now, Park Güell and its entire surrounding area have been suffering from mass tourist visits that involve serious disturbance for local residents, as well as a constant degradation of this architectural heritage, unique in the world. In order to avoid a worsening of that situation, visitor tickets are being regulated, especially to the Monumental Core, which is the most fragile and densely visited.

What exact space does the Monumental Core occupy?

The Monumental Core occupies 7.9% of the total area of the Park. Regulating entry to it allows us to conserve this iconic space and improve the quality of life of local residents, while at the same time offering a better experience for the thousands of visitors to the Park, who will find a better quality experience and a more accessible setting. The income generated by this tourist management will be devoted to improving Park Güell and its setting.
See map

Which local residents can have a free-access card?

The new regulation plan takes into account the needs of local residents in the neighbourhoods adjacent to Park Güell (El Coll, Vallcarca-Penitents, La Salut, El Carmel and Can Baró) and guarantees them unrestricted access free of charge all the year round to enjoy the area. To enter the Park they will need to have a personal and non-transferable card, which may be requested by the entrance staff.

How can I tell if I am a resident of one of the neighbourhoods entitled to free entry to Park Güell?

You can consult the “Local Residents” section of this website or call number 010 from the month of September 2013.

Will the Educational Community of nearby schools have access to the free-entry card?

Yes, the regulations on entering the Monumental Core of Park Güell, which come into force in October 2013, guarantee free entry to the Baldiri Reixac, Cor de Maria, Jesuïtes de Gràcia, Petit Virolai, Reina Elisenda and Turó del Cargol schools, including the children themselves, members of their families or persons accredited by the father/mother or legal representative.

Is there any specific programme for schools?

Yes, there is the "Park Güell and schools” programme, which will give schools from European Union member countries a chance to visit the Monumental Core on the following terms:
1) Visit with guide service and car park reservation at a price of € 62/group (VAT included). 30 people maximum per each group. The conditions regulating the programme must be met.
2) Free visit (free entry, not guided and without a coach reservation).
In both cases, it is necessary to book in advance. Interested schools should contact the Commercial Department of Park Güell at:

Are there any types of special visit for other citizens?

Yes, from the month of October 2013 Gaudir Més register will be created, in an initiative arising with the aim of acquainting citizens with the culture and history of the city, taking Park Güell as its axis.
More information at

How do I get to Park Güell?

Park Güell is located off Carrer d’Olot in Barcelona. Three different entrances are recommended for the most convenient and practical access to the Monumental Core: the one on Carrer de Larrard (main entrance), the one on Carretera del Carmel, no. 9, where there is also parking for tourist coaches, and a third on Passatge de Sant Josep de la Muntanya, which can be reached using the escalators. Map

Can people with reduced mobility go on the complete visit to the Monumental Zone of Park Güell?

People with reduced mobility may have difficulty getting around Park Güell due to its architectural features, with flights of steps and uneven paths. There is a specific itinerary adapted to people with mobility difficulties.

Two wheelchairs are available upon request at Park Güell. If you have any kind of special requirements, please contact the Visitor Attention Service at 

The tourist coach car park has 3 places for people with reduced mobility.

I would like to make a recording, do some filming or take photographs in the Monumental Zone of Park Güell. What do I have to do?

If the filming or photography is to be carried out in the restricted zone known as the Monumental Core, you have to contact our Visitor Care Service on e-mail or by calling telephone (+34) 93 4091830

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